Gerd Rube

Gerd Rube: For My Friends-Alive in 2005

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gerd Rube

Title: For My Friends-Alive in 2005
Label: CD Baby

Continuously touring the US since 1993 as a solo, duo or with a four-piec band, Germany\'s (not for long) best kept secret has been building a fast-growing fanbase here and got titled \'honorary local\' as well as \'The Keys favorite German son\'. Gerd has recorded with members of the Garth Brook\'s Band in Nashville, TN and members of the Miami Sound Machine. His music-video \'Happy Day\' was played on MTV Europe for several months. One German magazine hit home the point accurately when they wrote, \'Gerd doesn\'t want to renew the music - he likes it the way it is!\' Gerd has performed on many live stages from Europe to his second home in the Florida Keys, from New York to California and many points in-between. His influences range from the classics of the Allman Brothers to the cutting edge of vintage Frank Zappa and all have found their place in his live stage performances. Throughout the years, Gerd found and settled into his own style and could be described as a mix of The Eagles, early Bryan Adams, with a little Bon Jovi tossed in for good measure. His unique voice easily identifies him and becomes very addictive.

1.1 Like a Rolling Stone
1.2 Come Undone
1.3 Any Road
1.4 Supergirl
1.5 Here Without You
1.6 The Snake
1.7 Do You Still Believe in Magic
1.8 Here I Go Again
1.9 It's My Life
1.10 Heaven
1.11 Time After Time
1.12 Angels
1.13 The River
1.14 When You Say Nothing at All
1.15 Still Haven't Found
1.16 Alright
1.17 Imagine
1.18 Locomotive Breath

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