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Gerd Rube: Living the Dream 1

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Artist: Gerd Rube

Artist: Gerd Rube
Title: Living the Dream 1

He gets the best of both worlds... living his dream by touring all over Europe in the summer and along the Florida Keys during the winter season. Gerd Rube, the rock-singer/songwriter and guitarist from Schorndorf (Germany) has already been a celebrity in his homeland when he first started to tour the US in 1993. Back then, his music-video 'Happy Day' was played in a talent-show on MTV Europe for several months. From New York to California, Boston to Nashville, Gerd performed on many live stages throughout the years and recorded with celebreties like members of the Garth Brook's Band as well as with members of Gloria Estefan's band, the legendary 'Miami Sound Machine'. Being titled 'Honorary Local' as well as'The Keys Favorite German Son' by his fast-growing fanbase in the US, it made it easy for him to decide to make Key West,FL his winter home. People love Gerd's original songs, especially the popular 'Florida Keys Song' that can also be found on his CD 'Live in Key West'. Now, in April 2011 he releases two new live CDs 'Living the dream' Vol.1 and Vol.2 featuring the new single 'Do what I love & love what I do', a reflection of the passion he puts in his outstanding how's with a great mix of classic rock and originals. During his live shows you can see he puts his heart and soul into every song, providing a concert atmosphere by using the latest sound equipment and lights that comple- ment his passionate performance without taking away from the roots of the songs. People have said: 'The way he performs some of the coversongs sounds even better than the originals'. His very own version of Prince's classic 'Purple Rain' has become a tradition in the finale of his live shows leaving the croud wanting more... Gerd has found and settled into his own style that could be described as an American classic-rock mix of The Eagles with some early Bryan Adams, plus a pinch of John Mellen- camp and a dash of the 80's like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard tossed in for good measure. With more than 800 songs in his present set list, no show is exactly like the other. He enjoys randomly selecting the tunes spontaneously during his performances to get the best out of any event whether it's at clubs, private par- ties, festivals, weddings or corporate gigs.

1.1 Do What I Love ; Love What I Do
1.2 Friends in Low Places
1.3 Wanted Dead or Alive
1.4 Midnight Rider
1.5 Melissa
1.6 Southern Cross
1.7 Cinnamon Girl
1.8 The Needle and the Damage Done
1.9 Please Set Me Free
1.10 Happy Day
1.11 Missing You
1.12 Turn the Page
1.13 Wish You Were Here
1.14 Comfortably Numb
1.15 Lift Me Up
1.16 Cats in the Cradle
1.17 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for
1.18 With or Without You

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