Gg Hill

Gg Hill: Tallest Girl

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gg Hill

Title: Tallest Girl
Label: CD Baby

Jan 1, 2005 update -- new lower price. They just don't make records like this anymore -- filled with songs about girls, statues, mothers and others. Some of NYC's best musicians give their all to maximize your entertainment dollar. The first song is about some of the wild, wounded American women I have been privileged to meet and the second is about Lady Liberty. Moon Money, with a beautiful piano solo from Brian Mitchell, finds a relationship going on involving moonlight, money and the fantasies a shy businessman who commands lexicographers, copy writers, memoranda and multiple telephones has about a street-corner businesswoman. In Necroleptic we confront the epidemic going around these days, being buried alive, while in Monkeys on My Mind we offer survival strategies of self-deception (I'm proud to say it includes both electric sitar, tuning up and playing, and melodica). It's catchy. And so on, winding up with a burning two-chord guitar rave featuring globetrotting master class teacher Matt Smith and globetrotting keeping-the-faith bluesman and rocker Hugh Pool kicking out the jams, jellies and jawbreakers.

1.1 Razor Blade Lips
1.2 The Tallest Girl
1.3 Moon Money
1.4 Necroleptic
1.5 Monkeys on My Mind
1.6 This Heart
1.7 Firefly
1.8 Money in Death
1.9 Healthy ; Wise
1.10 Southern Woman in the Light of An Afternoon
1.11 Happy Endings
1.12 The Sound of a Thousand Guitars

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