Ghandharva: Ghandharva

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Artist: Ghandharva

Title: Ghandharva
Label: CD Baby

Ghandharva Is: Arjuna Alan Bruggeman - Tabla, Madol, Balafon, Doun Doun, Frame Drum, Singing Bowls & Bells Chuck Wood - Djembe, Congas, Berimbau, & Shekeree Arjuna and Chuck Wood have been performing under the name Ghandharva since the Spring of 2001. Born in Paterson, NJ, Arjuna, has 10 years tabla and hand percussion experience, and 20 years on traps. He has studied classical percussion under Michael Frashe. Study of tabla by Zakir Hussain, Ty Burho, and Benjiy Wertheimer. Teachers for other percussion and music have been Glen Velez, David Darling, and various temple drummers in India. Alan has performed and recorded with Krishna Das, Shyamdas, David Darling, Prana, Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Steve Gorn, Benjiy and Heather Wertheimer, Wha!, The Fiendz, The Rings Project, Pamela Wynn Shannon, The John Ginty Band, Michael Franti of Spearhead, David Hykes Harmonic Choir, and Russell Paul. For the Past 3 years Arjun has been touring the world, and recording with Krishna Das. His deep interest and study of eastern meditation and healing arts has influenced and opened the sensitivity, spontaneity and joyfulness of his playing. Born in Morristown, NJ, Chuck has been playing and studying hand percussion for more than 25 years. His teachers include such great talents as Baba Olatunji, M'Beba Bangoura, Mohammed Camera, Yayo Nelson, Ladji Camera and Mar Gueye. He has appeared live and recorded with Neal Casal, Michael Franti of Spearhead, David Darling, Shannon McNally, The John Ginty Band, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Tribe After Tribe (featuring the South African musician Robbie Robb, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam & Doug Pinnick of King's X), Three Fish (featuring Robbie Robb, Jeff Ament & Richard Stuverud), Anthony Krizon (Spin Doctors) and Roamin' Gabriels. Most recently Chuck has been touring and recording with a new world music project called DAMARU, which features guitarist Colin Allured. Currently Ghandharva is involved with various side projects, but plan to release their second CD sometime in the near future. The new release will feature many guest artists and it is being recorded and co-produced by John Ginty. John plays the Hammond organ and piano. He has recorded and toured with Jewel, Matthew Sweet, Citizen Cope, Santana, Neal Casal, Ryan Adams and was an original member of Robert Randolph and The Family Band.

1.1 Ghandharva
1.2 From Bahia to Punjab
1.3 Wedding Samba
1.4 Tabla Batuka
1.5 Kofi
1.6 Bardo of Darmata
1.7 Vehicle of Aliveness, Voice of Stillness
1.8 Gui
1.9 Dancing Satori
1.10 Drummer's Call
1.11 Joue
1.12 Saturn
1.13 Warp
1.14 Alien Stick
1.15 Ghandharva (Reprise)

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