Gheorghe Zamfir

Gheorghe Zamfir: King of the Pan Flute and Other Favorites

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Artist: Gheorghe Zamfir

Artist: Gheorghe Zamfir
Title: King of the Pan Flute and Other Favorites

The Romanian master of the pan flute has sold over 40 million recordings worldwide. This classic album represents 17 of Zamphir's most popular recordings. Newly remastered.

1.1 Goodbye Doina, for a Friend (Doina D'adieu Pour Un Ami)
1.2 The Skylark (Ciocarlia)
1.3 Breton Suite (Suite Bretonne)
1.4 Children's Melody (Enfantines)
1.5 The Guardians (Les Guardians)
1.6 The Forest Green
1.7 George, Watch the Cows (Gheorghe Mina Boil Bine)
1.8 Si, Re, Do (Musical Notes)
1.9 Suite of the Pyrenees (Suite Pyreneenne)
1.10 The Dance of Biquette (La Danse de Biquette)
1.11 Briul
1.12 Folkloriana
1.13 Aurore
1.14 A Mezzu Mare
1.15 Triste Est Le Ciel
1.16 Tambours de Guerre
1.17 Pastourelle

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