Ghetto Bandits

Ghetto Bandits: GZ' Movin

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Ghetto Bandits

Title: GZ' Movin
Label: CD Baby

Take a trip through LA with hard core gangsta lyrics served on top of some funky hip hop beats.

1.1 Rip Ridaz
1.2 On One
1.3 Keep the Chev Hoppin
1.4 Do U Wanna Play
1.5 Coke Crack ; Alcohol
1.6 Money Sex Murder
1.7 He Ain't Playin
1.8 How Does It Feel
1.9 Move on Em
1.10 Federal Felons
1.11 Ghetto BS
1.12 Why U Do Me This Way
1.13 Ganster Type
1.14 Obscenitys
1.15 GS Movin

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