Ghost Brigade

Ghost Brigade: Mmv - Mmxx

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ghost Brigade

Artist: Ghost Brigade
Title: Mmv - Mmxx

4-CD jewel box including a 16-page booklet with all lyrics. Discover the Finn's full discography with the following albums:'Isolation Songs' including bonus track "Liar". 'Until Fear No Longer Defines Us' with bonus tracks "In The Woods" (Jonny Wanha Remix) and "Soulcarvers" (Acoustic). 'IV: One With The Storm' with bonus tracks "Disembodied Voices" (Jonny Wanha Remix) and "Long Way to the Graves" (Jonny Wanha Remix).

1.1 Rails at the River
1.2 Hold on Thin Line
1.3 Horns
1.4 Minus Side
1.5 Away and Here
1.6 Along the Barriers
1.7 Based on You
1.8 Disgusted By the Light
1.9 Autoemotive
1.10 Deliberately
2.1 Suffocated
2.2 My Heart Is a Tomb
2.3 Into the Black Light
2.4 Lost in a Loop
2.5 22:22 - Nihil
2.6 Architect of New Beginnings
2.7 Birth
2.8 Concealed Revulsions
2.9 Secrets of the Earth
2.10 A Storm Inside
2.11 Liar
3.1 In the Woods
3.2 Clawmaster
3.3 Chamber
3.4 Traces of Liberty
3.5 Divine Act of Lunacy
3.6 Grain
3.7 Break Water
3.8 Cult of Decay
3.9 Torn
3.10 Soulcarvers
4.1 Wretched Blues
4.2 Departures
4.3 Aurora
4.4 Disembodied Voices
4.5 Electra Complex
4.6 Stones and Pillars
4.7 Anchored
4.8 The Knife
4.9 Long Way to the Graves
4.10 Elämä on Tulta

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