Ghostbeat: Spirituall

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ghostbeat

Title: Spirituall
Label: CD Baby

These spiritual songs by ghostbeat will evoke you into areas that the average 'spiritual' or 'gospel/Christian' may not take you. There are 3 different versions of the simple, catchy 'Praise You' on this album, but other songs veer into topics like always telling the truth, loving what you do for a living, taking responsibility for our free will, recognizing our eternal nature, empowering God's gifts in our life, creeping materialism, even the tuning of our chakras/life energies. The music is intimate, dynamic, exploratory: most say it defies any categorization. SpirituAll refers to all of our spirits/souls combining as one in God, and all of the ever expanding universes as well, that even science now recognizes. God is mentioned without abandon, though no specific religions are subscribed to here in effort for us all to think of ourselves as one in God. Our paths are, of course, our own choice: these songs simply call out to the seeking heart. Ghostbeat is synonymous for 'God's Drum' which, according to some African beliefs, is the pulse of all music that is a gift from God.

1.1 Praise You (Joy)
1.2 Backwards School
1.3 Please Always (Tell the Truth)
1.4 Living Water (John 7)
1.5 Chasing the Wind (Ecc. 4)
1.6 Praise You (Community)
1.7 Dangerous
1.8 Spec
1.9 Heavensboro
1.10 God Didn't Do It
1.11 God Gave Me
1.12 Doesn't Matter
1.13 On the Foot
1.14 Praise You (Peace)
1.15 Chakras Tuning
1.16 Chakras Tuning (Vocal)

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