Ghosts of You

Ghosts of You: Ghosts of You

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Artist: Ghosts of You

Artist: Ghosts of You
Title: Ghosts of You

Ghosts of You is a skillful balance of rock, tight flows & reggae ballads. From the intense, skank blasts in "Home" and the darker haunt of "Cellophane Surprise" to the reggae love ballad "Snow", the album stays fresh from start to finish. Simply put, this CD has something for every music lover. Ghosts of You is the work of solo artist Michael Pearson. A generous representation of Pearson's musical dexterity and multifaceted influences while grasping from an array of musical styles. The arrangements on the CD are hybrids of past collaborations and current projects. Rock, reggae, tight flows & emotion filled vocals, this CD has it all. 'It's like a lot of Rock was standing around waiting for the bus and a car load of Dub and Reggae listening to Hip-Hop mounted the sidewalk and picked up the Rock and went on a road trip to the moon... ' - N.M. Michael has played in bands around the Pacific NW for the past 15 years. Ghosts of You is his first solo album and most recent musical venture. All instruments/vocals on the CD, (aside from a few guest spots) are performed by Pearson, giving him the freedom to explore each component individually, developing the emotional direction of the music, and breathing passion into every word.

1.1 Home
1.2 My Life Is Gone
1.3 No Chance
1.4 So Am I
1.5 Cellophane Surprise
1.6 Snow
1.7 Running Out of Energy
1.8 Oh Yeah
1.9 Tonight
1.10 Rockstar
1.11 Part of Me
1.12 Wet ; Scaley

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