Gianni Bredice

Gianni Bredice: Triptronic

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Artist: Gianni Bredice

Artist: Gianni Bredice
Title: Triptronic

"360 Mag: Gianni Bredice makes a bold statement with his new work. A hybrid of electronica, lounge and alternative. Spectacular production and instrumentation. Very reminiscent of the magnificent Moby. Every track builds after a few seconds, creating a lounge atmosphere in home or office. Would make an excellent back drop in a car TVC or indie film. Or, excellent piece to vibe to over a cup of java. It would not be a surprise to see this CD offered at your local Starbucks. This artist's sophistication, innovation and immense talent has earned them a spot on our #360WatchList."

1.1 Double Face
1.2 Random Voices
1.3 Solar Storm
1.4 Walking on the Sea
1.5 Towards the Black Hole
1.6 Planet Indie
1.7 Triptronic
1.8 Hypnotic Dance
1.9 No Man's Land

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