Giant Sand

Giant Sand: Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men

$27.50 $31.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Giant Sand

Title: Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men
Label: Fire Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. It's 33 and a third years since the seminal Giant Sand and it's country cousin The Band Of... Blacky Ranchette entered the studio to lay down their second albums. Yes. Both bands had recorded their second albums each. Two sides of the multi-faceted hyper-productive Howe Gelb. "I was turning 28," he recalls, "and had been wanting to make and release albums since my early 20s, but only recently had figured out how. It was time to make up for lost time." Time was of the essence. Why be in one band when two can do twice as much? He meant business - he played his $75 Harmony H-60 with a Coke bottle on the inner sleeve photo; what else could you want?

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