Gibbs Greg

Gibbs Greg: Lights

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Artist: Gibbs Greg

Artist: Gibbs Greg
Title: Lights

I'm a songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in Roswell, New Mexico and have a deep seated loyalty to Ohio. I write, record, mix and master in my home office. I'm allergic to cats. I hope my songs get stuck in your head in the good way. Unfortunately, if it's the bad way my music is non-refundable - especially if you just ripped a copy from Craig.

1.1 Time Capsule
1.2 Expectations
1.3 Wasted Plans
1.4 Slow Down
1.5 What I Had in Mind
1.6 I Don't Mind
1.7 2 Come Undone
1.8 Most Guitars Are Made of Trees
1.9 The Universe Is Fine
1.10 The Least I Could Do
1.11 Ultrasonic Range
1.12 Campus Raygun
1.13 Target Sauce
1.14 Orwellian Soccer Blues
1.15 Food Tastes Fine
1.16 Hand Me Down
1.17 Ground Loop (How I Fixed the Stereo at Work)
1.18 The Lights (Gryllidaen Rights)
1.19 Facing the Tree
1.20 The Nibbler

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