Gibsons: Southern Rock Revival

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Artist: Gibsons

Artist: Gibsons
Title: Southern Rock Revival

1. Rich Man (3:50) A rockin' anthem that exposes America's greedy lawmakers and corrupt government. 2. Luke 16 (4:12) The visual imagery created in this song vividly captures the biblical story of the rich man in Hell. 3. Face in the Wind (3:58) a song for the hardcore biker with, his kickstand up and his face in the wind. 4. Holy Fire (3:45) 'God judge them, one and all;' An intense anthem that exposes common day perversions. 5. Burn or Fly (3:10) Heaven or hell, what's it going to be? 6. Heaven's Saint (5:18) 'Rev up them Harleys boys, make some noise, you're a Heaven's Saint' 7. The Cure (7:37) 'Life is short, death is sure, sin the cause, the Lamb the cure' 8. Perilous Times (3:42) A portrayal of America's current state.

1.1 Rich Man
1.2 Luke 16
1.3 Face in the Wind
1.4 Holy Fire
1.5 Burn or Fly
1.6 Heaven's Saint
1.7 The Cure
1.8 Perilous Times

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