Gin Pennies

Gin Pennies: Gin Pennies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gin Pennies

Title: Gin Pennies
Label: Bigger Better More

2017 release. The Gin Pennies play pop songs, no doubt about it, but enveloped by a gypsy outfit of percussive guitars, upright bass, violin and trumpet. There's a unique slant to their forthcoming debut that sets it apart from the masses. If Lake Street Dive traveled back to 1920's Paris and made a record with Django Reinhardt, it might sound something like The Gin Pennies.

1.1 Film Noir
1.2 Hypnotized
1.3 The Boy from Belarus
1.4 Magic
1.5 Living Doll
1.6 Drawn to You
1.7 Love You from Afar
1.8 You Don't Know About Me
1.9 She's the Wind
1.10 Tremolo
1.11 Well Water
1.12 Better with You

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