Gina Kronstadt

Gina Kronstadt: Walk My Way

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Artist: Gina Kronstadt

Artist: Gina Kronstadt
Title: Walk My Way

This is the official and legal release of Gina Kronstadt's 'Walk My Way.' The majority of this project was recorded in 1990, but not completed until 1997. At that time, Ms. Kronstadt and co-producer, Brandon Fields finished with a few overdubs. After the project was finished, it was shelved, and somehow didn't find it's proper way out into the world until now. This recording showcases Kronstadt's writing and singing. It is also brilliant drummer Gary Novak's first ever record date, as well as the incredible flautist Steve Fowler's last, after having been diagnosed with ALS, and since passing away from that horrific disease. Joining Kronstadt on this project are: Steve Cardenas, Mike Miller and Ramon Stagnaro/ guitars, David Goldblatt and Mitch Forman/ keyboards, Jimmy Johnson and John Pena/ bass, Gary Novak and Joel Taylor/ drums, Luis Conte/ percussion, Brandon Fields/ sax and flute, Steve Fowler/ flute, Walt Fowler/ trumpet and flugelhorn, and string section, with arrangements by Bill Meyers.

1.1 Walk My Way
1.2 Tonight
1.3 Passage to Paris
1.4 Wait
1.5 Tell It Like It Is
1.6 Your Face
1.7 Don't Go
1.8 Identity Crisis
1.9 Settle Down
1.10 Let You Go

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