Ginai: Endless Christmas

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Artist: Ginai

Artist: Ginai
Title: Endless Christmas

My heart is full of gratitude, respect, and love for everyone who played on this project. It was a massive undertaking, and so many of you gave of your heart and soul to help me make this CD a reality. Your 'stellar' performances bring shine and sparkle to each song. You are all stars in my sky, twinkling and bright! You shared my vision, my dream of sharing 'Endless Christmas' with one and all! Mahalo nui loa! Allow me to say, however, that Pierre worked hardest of all. He kept me focused and on track, calming me in times of harried stress. His lovely wife, Antoinette, was patient and kind, always offering a warming cup of friendship and support. My husband Ted and our son Aidan went many days and nights without me at home. But they never once complained. Earl, who spent weeks changing the graphics, deserves a medal, I think. Brandon (my nephew and social media manager) was always there to pick up the slack. There is a sparkle in my eyes, thinking of your dedication! Special thanks goes out to the people who helped kick-start Endless Christmas in 2012: Kyle Burnette, photographer; John Tsukano, graphics; Graham Price, photographer. I simply have to tell you how grateful I am for your artistic contributions.... Lastly, it is with gratitude that I humble myself before God, amazed that he finds me worthy of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. To Him I give thanks and praise to be blessed with the gift of Joy, Love, and Peace that he so graciously places in my life daily. Amen - Ginai.

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