Ginger Ackley

Ginger Ackley: All Earth's Children

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ginger Ackley

Title: All Earth's Children
Label: CD Baby

'All Earth's Children' actually started as a suggestion from Danny O'Flaherty, a great friend and Irish performer who lost his home to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Music started flowing and pretty soon, Ginger's grandchildren were listening (and dancing!) to the new songs she was writing. Once the process started, inspiration came from everywhere... a bald eagle flew past her window on the high plains of Wyoming and she heard the wind singing though the Wind Canyon! Night birds' melodies became a lullaby. News stories about kids who were making their voices heard seemed to pop up and wove themselves into a song. These songs are to let folks know that they are a part of the wonder of our changing World!

1.1 Changes
1.2 Eagle
1.3 Little Blue Raindrop
1.4 The Butterfly Song (Mariposa)
1.5 Windsong
1.6 Growing Things
1.7 Earth Mother Lullaby
1.8 Words of a Child
1.9 Earth Dreaming

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