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Ginger Ibex: Firefly

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Artist: Ginger Ibex

Artist: Ginger Ibex
Title: Firefly

'Firefly' is Ginger Ibex's debut album. The music's dark lyrical beauty combines elements of contemporary Rock plus Classical, Romantic and Impressionist sounds with Middle Eastern modes and Tango. 'Firefly' includes ten original instrumental songs and one cover that display the breadth of pianist Sharon Crumrine's influences, ranging from light, intimate solo piano ('For All Unborn Children'), to viola and piano ('Pericopine', 'Binnorie'), through tangos ('September Tango', 'October Tango'), to piano with full string section ('Prelude To Dust For Kissers') and percussion ('Variation on Snow Ghosts'). All songs are composed by Sharon, with the exception of herinteresting arrangement of Brittany Spears' 'Toxic'. For fans of Rachels' 'Music for Egon Schiele', Keith Jarrett's 'Dark Intervals', Loreena McKennitt's Middle Eastern sounds, the dynamic range of piano and sonic intensity of The Bad Plus. 'Ginger Ibex mixes and melds musical styles on Firefly in a fashion that is both surprising and wildly successful. This is true modern classical music, incorporating elements from Middle Eastern music, Rock N Roll, Tango and Impressionist musical styles. Firefly has enough classical relevance to appeal to the stuffiest of music aficionados, but enough modern touch to sound current and alive.' - Wildy Haskell, "Best debut from a Boston band in a long time... October Tango has that certain charm of a Bogie-Bacall encounter" - Joann Keesey, WMFO Music Dept. "Wonderful listening to you. Thanks for putting such lush & rich stuff out into the atmosphere.' - singer Mali + jaggery "... The music is Beautiful. Very moving. I love piano and strings! So powerful.' - Audrey Ebbs, musician.

1.1 Firefly
1.2 Pericopine
1.3 Prelude to Dust for Kissers
1.4 October Tango
1.5 February Intro
1.6 February
1.7 Toxic
1.8 Variation on Snow Ghosts (Based on "Snow Ghosts" By M. Rimbach)
1.9 Binnorie
1.10 September Tango
1.11 For All Unborn Children

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