Gingerjake: How to Kiss the Devil Goodbye

Gingerjake: How to Kiss the Devil Goodbye
Title: How to Kiss the Devil Goodbye
Label: CD Baby

Minneapolis based rock phenom Gingerjake, fronted by rock bombshell Amanda Harris, with Ian Severson on guitar and twin brothers Eric Rotter on bass and Joe Rotter on Drums, put forth their first full length release 'How To Kiss the Devil Goodbye' (In stores, June 16th, 2007, Special Teams Music). This effort is a slight departure from their first EP Paralysis. Gingerjake's HTKDG gushes with a noticeable maturity in songwriting and lyrical content while still packing the punch that Gingerjake fans have grown accustomed to with their past two releases. The new songs have been meticulously crafted into 3 minute monster verse chorus verse chorus jams filled with hooks and melody that are sure to not disappoint. If you've missed them opening for the likes of Jerry Cantrell, Alice in Chains, POD, Soil, Otep, Anthrax, Papa Roach, Chevelle... Then we suggest you get off the couch, take a listen, and make this band your priority to check out live at a city near you.

1.1 Jeckyll and Hyde
1.2 Lunchbox
1.3 Found Your Way Back Home
1.4 Kiss the Devil Goodbye
1.5 Silhoette
1.6 While I'm Gone
1.7 Brother
1.8 Concrete
1.9 Daydreaming
1.10 Alphabetacaine

Gingerjake: How to Kiss the Devil Goodbye

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