Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation: The Boys

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Artist: Girls' Generation
Title: The Boys

Girls' Generation is a nine-member South Korean pop girl group formed in 2007. Their debut full-length album sold over 800,000 copies in Japan. They now bring you their new album THE BOYS featuring the English and Korean versions of the title track, "The Boys," as well as "Mr. Taxi" and 10 other songs. Produced by Teddy Riley.

1.1 The Boys [English Ver.] [Version]
1.2 Telepathy
1.3 Say Yes
1.4 Trick
1.5 How Great Is Your Love
1.6 My J
1.7 Oscar
1.8 Top Secret
1.9 Lazy Girl [Dolce Far Niente]
1.10 Sunflower
1.11 Vitamin
1.12 Mr. Taxi [Korean Ver.] [Version]
1.13 The Boys [Korean Ver.] [Version]
1.14 The Boys [Clinton Sparks ; Disco Fries Remix]
1.15 The Boys *Bring Dem Boys* [Teddy Riley Remix]
1.16 The Boys *Bring the Boys Out* [David Anthony Remix]
1.17 The Boys *Bring the Boys* [Teddy Riley Remix]

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