Glass Animals: Dreamland (Picture Disc)

Glass Animals: Dreamland (Picture Disc)
Artist: Glass Animals
Title: Dreamland (Picture Disc)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition Tangerine Picture Disc pressing. Universal. 2020.

1.1 Dreamland
1.2 Tangerine
1.3 ((Home Movie: 1994))
1.4 Hot Sugar
1.5 ((Home Movie: BTX))
1.6 Space Ghost Coast to Coast
1.7 Tokyo Drifting Featuring - Denzel Curry
1.8 Melon and the Coconut
1.9 Your Love (DÉJÀ Vu)
1.10 Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth
1.11 It's All So Incredibly Loud
1.12 ((Home Movie: Rockets))
1.13 Domestic Bliss
1.14 Heat Waves
1.15 ((Home Movie: Shoes on))
1.16 Helium

Glass Animals: Dreamland (Picture Disc)

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