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Artist: Glass Pear

Artist: Glass Pear
Title: Glass Pear

I am a new fan, and I absolutely love your music! It's so peaceful and I can't seem to get enough of it. :) Kasey I first heard 'My Ghost' on Bones rerun last night and was so moved I had to find who wrote and sang such a hauntingly beautiful song. I found it on Youtube and have had my grown sons and daughter listen and they were equally impressed and are sharing with their friends. I even uploaded the video to my facebook page. Best of luck to you! Jeanine, Acworth, Georgia, USA My friends call me a walking jukebox; I have thousands of songs in my head and soak up music like a sponge. It's rare though that I find music as personally resonant as yours...any chance you'll play anywhere in NC anytime soon? My favorite bands were Snow Patrol, Nickelback, Lifehouse, and Staind....but you know, you have surpassed them all. Thank you for the wonderful music, and keep doing what you do! Melissa Your music is beautiful and addictive, I can't stop listening to it! Thank you for being so awesome and inspiring :) x Sarah Bray You are helping me a great deal with my true love. Your voice and lyrics are very beautiful and only someone that felt the real love could do such a beautiful art piece. Love, Oriana you're amazing, keep on with great, moving, touching, otentic music. (: haylie ---- As an artist and a human being I often come to the realization that the beauty of art is the ability to touch one soul, in a positive way. All that being said one is very rarely told that they have done as much for anyone. I wanted to tell you, that your music has inspired me and touched me in a beautiful way and to thank you. Your music is a rich and wonderful thing to share and I wish you all the best in blessing the world with it for years to come. With Peace, Jackie Hey ! I found you grace One tree Hill... And from that time, I cease to listening your songs... I love them !! They are so beautiful and strong ! I've one question: You will be in the Frontier Cheyenne Day ?! I'm sorry for my English...I'm French ;) Bye Aude Streets of love (Reviews) What a beautiful album. Haunting, deep, melodic, soothing, peaceful... so many words that don't seem to adequately capture how much this album makes me feel. This album has been on repeat for the past few days. K. Huynh, San Francisco, CA United States I have found every song that Glass Pear has released as both calming and invigorating! It opens the heart, the soul, and eyes to every situation life throws at you. Goose Bumbps every time I listen to every track! I am very fortunate to have found such a wonderful band with awesome acoustics backed with soothing voice! This group is going far and I will follow always! Sabrina Butts, Lake Charles, Louisiana i echo every other review. It is heartbreakingly beautiful at times. I only found it when tracking down a song i heard on a tv show - bones, grey's anatomy, house -- can't remember - and found the very gifted and haunting 'Glass Pear'. buy this one, you can't go wrong- especially if the singer/songwriter,lo-fi,updated folky, adult alternative vibe appeals to you. Love it!!! The reader, Madison, Wisconsin United States wow...words cannot describe how much I like this disc...each and every song is well written and orchestrated...the singer (yesten griffiths) has an amazing voice...great range and tone...the band is outstanding and sound like they've been together for years...the piano playing is super cool...great harmonies...I listened to the disc three times in a row...and will keep it in my CD player until I find something better...that could be a long time coming...this band should be huge and this disc should be number one for a long time...get it now and show your friends how hip your are by being the first to tout this great new band Bob Revai, CA, USA MrGlenLane Ok guys, I seriously think you all need arresting and locking up for life... There's no way anyone should be allowed to get away with infecting any fellow human being with such an addictive substance as this! I'm absolutely mad for this track, and I'm in love with practically every track I've heard so far, it's mesmerizing and gut wrenching. I feel like I'm addicted to the crack cocaine of music here, but there's nothing bad in it, it's all good for me! Lmao! One word for you: Thankyou! :)? And just to continue, you've inspired me, after nearly a year of not being bothered anymore and not caring about what I used to dream of, to make a deeply personal song of mine even more deep and personal! I? had practically given up,(in fact, I've started trying to sell my £1000 of recording gear!) But you have single-handedly re-ignited that flame! Every time I listen to your work, I feel a little bit stronger, a bit more able to write what I feel than I did the time before! Never give up! 3 3 Hello! I just received the CD's! Already listened to both of them, they are truly truly wonderful! You are such a great artist and your music is a huge part of my life since when I heard you on Bones last year! I've never been more grateful for a tv-show before! You have a great career ahead of you, keep do what you do best, keep making us all dream with your lovely emotional songs! Love, Alessia I heard My Ghost on Bones this week and I had to look it? up. I hope you get picked up by a major label soon (if that's what you want ;)). Your music is gorgeous and deserves to be heard. :) Athena Ok first of all I LOVE your music, so thanks for doing your thing and getting it out to all of us, it is so beautiful, well crafted and purposeful : D Secondly, being a student of English Lit, I am especially in love with your lyrics because you use proper grammar ( in whom!) and? quote Wordsworth, woohoo! Any English Lit in your background then? lol. Tradcat84 LOVE your music! Very deep and meaningful! Absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing your talent? with us!! Michelle : ) I haven't bought a CD in years....7 to be exact,? but i felt the need to do so in this case. That's how much i love your stuff XD Xplanet thanx for a song that made bones so much better.... your song at the end of that episode.... goosebump-feeling .... you truly? are a master of what you are doing! Thank you for your incredible music.... my ghost is my favorite so far AkardiKrissiJoe i love your music *-* waiting for new material, your EP is great, and the video for my ghost is so moving. Hope you release a full album that will be available here in Spain. I got to know you by your sister's website, and you're simply amazing. Wish you the best, and a lot? of success! Neill. Yestyn, thanks so much for? this work. Beautiful, beautiful work. Leave it to the Welshmen to rip your heart out. :) More please? Jaxhead wow your songs are wonderful:) i love your channel xD i heard you the first time today but i was totally impressed from the first moment on :-D? sweetyuki91.

1.1 One Day Soon
1.2 Dizzy
1.3 Planet Earth
1.4 Love Is All I Need
1.5 Long Before You're Here
1.6 Oxygen
1.7 Closer
1.8 Grace
1.9 Epiphany
1.10 Summer
1.11 Eternal

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