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Glen Landing: Sentimental

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Artist: Glen Landing

Artist: Glen Landing
Title: Sentimental

Catchy melodies with fist pumping progressions lend the backbone to the piano rock trio, Glen Landing. Two parts male and one part female make the mixture of this band a unique blend with loud guitars layered with piano. Rocking out of the Philadelphia area Glen Landing has a brand new LP out called, "Sentimental." Co-produced by Chuck Treece, this album is dynamic, raw, sincere, and heartfelt. At times the vocals are alike to All-American Rejects and the music could be the Frey with Dashboard meets Chevelle. As with Glen Landing's live show, their brand new full length LP, "Sentimental," will keep your senses stimulated in the anticipation of what's next. The beginning of the Glen Landing was in the fall of 2003 with the meeting of Dan Hammond (vox&guitar) and Artie Cardonick (drums).. Already self-recording for some time, Dan playing drums, guitar, piano, had an arsenal of songs ready to be jammed out. Shortly after the first few sessions, Dan knew that the combination of himself and Artie could be the beginning of the band that he had imagined and already had a name for. It is the name of the middle school that Dan and Artie attended, "Glen Landing." With a name, a few songs, and a vision for the future, the first two members of GL rehearsed with a wide variety of different musicians searching for a few more good men. In walks a gem, wheeling her 88 key piano was Belarusian-born Ania Aliaksandrava. The style of playing that Ania brought to the table was of a European classical descent that would help GL separate themselves from other modern rock bands. Brought together by the power of music, their polar opposites of life and culture paved the way to this band's sonic identity. At this point, the vision that Dan had in the beginning was now starting to take shape. While the band rehearsed as a three piece, crafting their songs and forming a strong bond between them, they still did not have a singer. Dan writes the lyrics and melodies, but at the time had not gave singing a shot. As GL searched for their final piece in a singer, Dan seeked a vocal coach to try to be part of the solution of the lack of a singer. Fast-forward to the spring of 2005, Dan with his freshly trained vocal cords, led this piano-rock trio to their first show. Shortly after the start of the their live show campaign, Glen Landing added bass player Brenda Stetzer. With a homemade demo, playing shows in and out the their home town of NewJerszadelphia, GL pressed forward with aspirations to record a full-length album. As the band continued to play shows and promote themselves thru the next few years, they met Chuck Treece, a Philly native who has a made a huge name for himself over the years as a pro skater, an accomplished studio musician, and founder of the band McRad. In Chuck the band now had someone to point them in the right direction in their quest to record the LP to be called, "Sentimental.". After considering many different studios to work in, GL chose Target Studios with Marc Moss. Most of the tracking for the record took place in, "The Baby Grand Theatre," at the Grand Opera House in downtown Wilmington Delaware. Recording in such a large room, GL with the help of Chuck were able to achieve a big open sound in which they were looking for. All of Ania's piano tracks were played on a few different acoustic pianos, which was important to her for she hadn't played an electric piano until she first came to the United States in 2002. The vocals for the record were done at "Musically Speaking Studios," in Blackwood, New Jersey with Steven Childs. Chuck played most of the bass tracks, also Jay Smiles and Gary Jackson (themovement/smilesproject), adding bass and percussion tracks, finalizing the last tracks to finish the record. After the tracks were all in, Marc Moss started the mixing process with Dan at his side for every move. With all happy with the mixes, Marc did the mastering of the record as the band started work on the artwork. Pressed and sealed, with this band stronger now with three, present you with a record promising to leave your senses satisified by the sonically charged mixture of raw vocals and guitars, loud pumping drums, and the intricate layering of beautiful piano melodies.

1.1 Hold on Tight
1.2 Help Me Out
1.3 My Eyes
1.4 Not Mad Anymore
1.5 Saint Judy
1.6 Zoyas Song
1.7 Criminals
1.8 Breakin' Hearts
1.9 Wine Dine Romance
1.10 Spinnin Wheels

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