Glen McKenzie

Glen McKenzie: Kompressor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Glen McKenzie

Title: Kompressor
Label: CD Baby

Roots Rock and Roll all the way! Slashing guitars! Songs about life, love, cars, bars, motorcyles, girls, politics and guitars...what else is there? Modern stylings meet Rock, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Country and Blues. I grew up listening to Rock and Roll 45's on a mono record player, ya know, the kind in the little suitcase? My parents were into Elvis, Johnny Cash, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and Country music of all sorts and they played that on their big ol' Zenith HiFi Stereo, bigger than some houses. I eventually graduated to my Uncle Bill's hand-me-down Portable Stereo record player. I'm not sure why they called it 'portable' as it was pretty big. It was pretty cool tolex and brown speaker grills. The speakers were of course detatchable and I could spread them way apart and get the ultimate seperation on my 45's and eventually my first real LP's that I bought with my own money. My first 'album' I got for my birthday was The Isley Brothers. Then I bought the Animals - Animalism. Then the ultimate...The Beatles - Hey Jude! Man, I listened to that record over and over and over. Every now and then, my parents would have friends over for dinner and drinks and they would listen to the grown up music on the hifi and sometimes they would let me play my Beatles records on it while they were in the! I think my sound is mostly influenced by the Beatles (who isn't?), The Rolling Stones, Cream, Dwight Yoakam, ZZ Top, Johnny Cash, Steve Cropper, Grand Funk, Chris Isaak...the list goes on. I just try to focus on making songs that you can tap your foot to, that make you smile, or make you think, or all of the above. What I do is raw, and real, and I think that you can feel that. I don't hear a lot of stuff anymore that I can say that about. Every now and then I get to hear a Lucinda Williams or Dwight Yoakam CD that hits me that way. 'Kompressor' is my first release and I really think your gonna love this CD as much as I loved making it!

1.1 Low Rider Girl
1.2 Little Crunchy
1.3 James Bond Dad
1.4 How Do You Want It?
1.5 Drinking Around the World (Gen X Blues)
1.6 It's All Been Said, It's All Been Done
1.7 Peroxide Shark
1.8 Work in Progress
1.9 Muscle Car
1.10 Life Force Killers
1.11 Three Chords
1.12 Drastic Measures

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