Glen Mofford

Glen Mofford: Retrospect

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Artist: Glen Mofford

Artist: Glen Mofford
Title: Retrospect

I'm Glen Mofford, a musician, singer and songwriter since 1970. I was born and live In Victoria, BC Canada and my music reflects the beauty of my surroundings. I was influenced by John Lennon, Peter Green, Paul Simon and the music of the 1960's and 1970's which is reflected in my debut album, Retrospect. I offer up fifteen original songs for your listening pleasure.

1.1 Tiger's Got a Brand New Toy
1.2 Lady Tonight
1.3 Ridin' Alone
1.4 On My Mind
1.5 Tell Me
1.6 Anna Maria
1.7 One of These Days
1.8 A Light Colour of Blue
1.9 Buried Down There
1.10 Waiting for Someone
1.11 West Coast Rain [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.12 Our Island Home
1.13 Wishing Well
1.14 That's All I
1.15 She's Incomplete

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