Glenice Glover

Glenice Glover: Introducing Gigi

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Glenice Glover

Title: Introducing Gigi
Label: CD Baby

I am a Christian Jazz Guitarist who began my music career at age five years, singing and playing traditional gospel music in a family quartet group with my father and my five sisters and brother. "Introducing GiGi" is my first solo project, although, I've recorded on numerous other recordings with other local artists. This product was initially designed to reach various church organizations as a "Marriage Enrichment" tool, helping to promote intimacy within marriage; however, it has expanded and now reaches persons of all ages, and from various walks of life and ethnicities. My base is the South Florida area where I reside with my husband of more than 20 years and our two sons. My prayer is that you will listen to this music, purchase it and spread the word that there is a new artist on the scene with mega talent which deserves to be heard!

1.1 Lonely Nights
1.2 Let the Blues Bless You
1.3 All I See
1.4 So Glad
1.5 Simply You
1.6 After the Rain
1.7 Let's Chat

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