Glenn Delaune

Glenn Delaune: Fusion III

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Artist: Glenn Delaune

Artist: Glenn Delaune
Title: Fusion III

Born on October 19th, 1961 and classically trained at the age of five years old, Glenn started on a musical journey that to this day is still taking him down many roads. He quickly learned to perform and by first grade he was up in front of his classmates singing and playing songs like "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Camp Town Races." Glenn attributes his talents to his grandfather Lester J. Lalande who taught Glenn to play at the age of four. Growing up in South Louisiana, he was exposed to many different kinds of music. He played the trumpet throughout his Jr. years and also started a band in tenth grade with a few friends. By the time he graduated high school in 1979, he started to immerse himself into jazz recordings from Jean Luc Ponty, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Bill Bruford and others. Not too long after that Glenn went on the road playing everything from rock & country to cajun and blues music styles with various bands. Heavily influenced by recordings from Larry Carlton, Fourplay, and The Rippington's, Glenn has achieved his own smooth, flowing style of guitar magic. Realizing that speed is great but is just an extra and feeling is everything, he strives to write melodies that will be remembered for their beauty and content, not complexity. His versatility on all instruments comes through on the recordings he produces from his studio. Glenn is affiliated with BMI as a writer and publisher with a catalog of over 190 songs to his credit.

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