Glenn Paul Lancon

Glenn Paul Lancon: Family Tree

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Artist: Glenn Paul Lancon
Title: Family Tree

From joyous love to fear of loss, insecurity to indifference, forgiveness and reconciliation, peace, humility, respect and contentment,...Glenn Paul Lancon tugs at your soul from the very first note. Glenn Paul Lancon lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. His music is heartfelt acoustic rock with subtle influences of blues, country and jazz fusion. His performances on this album are backed by a band of experienced musicians from Jackson, Mississippi including acclaimed cellist Nathaniel Smith.

1.1 Can't Get It Out of My Head
1.2 Sonic
1.3 Family Tree
1.4 Alone
1.5 Indifferent
1.6 Not So Special
1.7 Bloodletting
1.8 Bad Day Brother
1.9 Forever
1.10 Black and White

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