Gloria Williams Salisha-Lynn

Gloria Williams Salisha-Lynn: Unmute Me (Salisha-Lynn)

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Product Type: CD

Title: Unmute Me (Salisha-Lynn)
Label: CD Baby

Gloria Salisha-Lynn Williams is a singer/songwriter with a passion for using her gifts for maximum kingdom impact. Gloria is diligently chasing her dreams to help and inspire people of all ages to encounter, connect and respond to God through Christ-centered music. A collection of songs that were born out of a love for God, "Unmute Me" is a honest, heartfelt, and exciting journey into finding one's self through the heart of God. This album blends a diverse mix of musical styles and genres into sincere praise and worship. If you love good inspirational music with strong personal messages, then this album is for you! Get it today and let this album minister to and uplift your life!

1.1 Unmute Me Prayer / Can't Make It Without You
1.2 Can't Make It Without You
1.3 Unmute Me Prayer / Real Love
1.4 Real Love
1.5 Unmute Me Prayer / Simple Love
1.6 Simple Love
1.7 Unmute Me Prayer / Only One
1.8 Only One
1.9 Unmute Me Prayer / Things Will Get Better
1.10 Things Will Get Better
1.11 Unmute Me Prayer / My Ode / Tribute
1.12 My Ode
1.13 My Tribute
1.14 Unmute Me Prayer / Amen
1.15 Pause (Bonus Track)
1.16 Pause II (Bonus Track)
1.17 Used By You (Creation Mix)

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