Gloryfica: Astral Canyon

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Artist: Gloryfica

Artist: Gloryfica
Title: Astral Canyon

Under the wider New Age genre, Gloryfica's music has been labeled as New Age, Acoustic, Cinematic, Native World, Tribal, Trance, Electronica, Ethnic and Worldbeat. In subjective terms it has also been described as melodic, intense, contagious and emotional. Her musical style is characterized by rich instrumentation consisting of different mixtures of electronic, acoustic and ethnic instruments. Another characteristic in Gloryfica's' music is that does not subscribe to any one style. Instead, it explores many different styles using unrelated influences and many instruments not commonly played together. As a result, it is an acoustic adventure for the listener,who is taken on a journey through exotic worlds and forgotten emotions. Gloryfica's music aims to create and explore emotive imaginary worlds in sound. The compositions traverse a span of moods that includes both light and darkness, bliss and fear, melancholy and feeling of battlefield. Her Native American flutes reaches to a higher plane and takes listeners along for the ride of tribal atmospheres. The album 'Astral Canyon' is a mysterious musical odyssey of new age tribal and shamanic atmospheres with the sound of Native American flutes, where deep enigmatic tones blend melodies that stir the soul to the wild mysteries of timeless Spirits. Take a voyage through world-beat ancestral tones, where dreamtime and modern spirit meet in Native flute with velvet grooves, tribal voices and ambient trance. Evocative rhythms will get you lost in trance diving you in mystical lands of the imagination. You will experience inter-dimensional journey into mindless spirit where rhythms interlaced with soothing Native American flute will wash over your senses.

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