Gmc: Shiny Filth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gmc

Title: Shiny Filth
Label: CD Baby

Highly anticipated second studio album from Irish rapper/producer Gmc featuring a whopping 20 real, witty, bouncy, gritty, shiny, filthy tracks! For the last few years Gmc has gained a huge following in Ireland due to exposure online, on radio and of course the pirates... from where his 2005 Irish hit single 'Not Tonight' first gained popularity. Since then Gmc has went on performing at various events around the country including Electric Picnic and the Marquee. After long delays, Gmc has finally released 'Shiny Filth' which was produced, written, recorded and mixed by Gmc himself. The album also features collaborations with Ireland's top musicians and rappers including J90's Ed McCarthy, battle rapper, Bony and Dublin's finest, Collie. 'Shiny Filth' has a unique style which brings real, edgy and witty lyrics over some of the catchiest beats you'll ever hear. With styles ranging from hip hop to drum n' bass, and dance to Irish trad! Remaining true to his Irish heritage, he never tries to Americanize his music. He even does the odd rap as Gaeilge!

1.1 GMC (That's My Name)
1.2 Home
1.3 Day for the Beach (Feat. Bony)
1.4 The Jig (Feat. Collie)
1.5 Ballad of the Sexes
1.6 Smash Smash (Feat. Bony)
1.7 Girl on Facebook
1.8 Relax Unwind (Feat. Jackson)
1.9 Conas Atá TÚ (Feat. Bubba Shakespeare)
1.10 Put It Into Perspective (Feat. Miriam El Mahdi)
1.11 Class a Love
1.12 Pump Your System (Feat. MC Mighty, Bony ; Rawsoul)
1.13 The Realness (Feat. Bony)
1.14 Freddie Is a Weirdo
1.15 Sunday Morning (I Should Be at Mass)
1.16 All I Ever Needed
1.17 Bullshit Bullshit
1.18 Walk Beside Me
1.19 Underground (Feat. Nash, Bony ; Jackson) (Bonus Track)
1.20 No One's Gonna Know (Feat. Bony ; Ian Ring ; Miriam El Mahdi) (Bonus Track)

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