Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 / O.S.T.: Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 (Original Soundtrack)

Goblin: Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Bella Casa

2014 collection from the Italian outfit. BEYOND THE DARKNESS is an anthology of the second half of the career of the composers Goblin, perhaps best known for the propulsive, labyrinth scores which illuminate the horror masterpieces of Italian film director Dario Argento. Goblin's genius lies in skillfully combining elements of Progressive Psychedelia with Jazz-Rock, Eastern European Folk music and the Baroque. Their music often displays an eerie fairy tale quality that underscores tensions within a film to great effect. If Bella Casa's 2012 box set, THE AWAKENING documented Goblin's formative years, this edition comprises selections from ten films scored by the group across a twenty-five year period from 1977, culminating in Non Ho Sonno the Argento thriller for which this remarkable aggregation reformed to help create.

1.1 La Via Della Droga (Sequence 10)
1.2 La Via Della Droga (Sequence 2)
1.3 La Via Della Droga (Sequence 4)
1.4 Buio Omega (Main Title)
1.5 Quiet Drops (Film Version)
1.6 Bikini Island
1.7 Ghost Vest
1.8 Transmute
1.9 Follie
1.10 Metamorfosi
1.11 Trumpet's Flight (Alternate Version)
1.12 Squadra Antigangsters (Movie Take 1)
1.13 Both-Two (Alternate Version)
1.14 Funky Top
1.15 Amo Non Amo
1.16 The Carver
1.17 Time Is on
1.18 Withy
1.19 Nocturne
1.20 Helycopter
1.21 Bass Theme
1.22 Landing Strip
1.23 Jennifer
1.24 Phenomena
1.25 Arpeggio - End Title

Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 / O.S.T.: Beyond the Darkness 1977-01 (Original Soundtrack)

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