God Help the Girl

God Help the Girl: God Help the Girl

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Product Type: CD

Title: God Help the Girl
Label: Matador Records

After the success of the most recent Belle And Sebastian album, THE LIFE PURSUIT, band leader/singer/songwriter Stuart Murdoch decided to pursue his dream of writing a rock musical scored for female singers. After auditioning vocalists via Internet contests, he made his choices and, with all members of Belle And Sebastian backing him up, recorded this breathtaking record. It combines the strengths and feel of early Belle and Sebastian records in a broader musical palette, which draws equally on musicals, 60's girl groups, 80's indie, and most of all, classic pop.

1.1 Act of the Apostle
1.2 God Help the Girl
1.3 Pretty Eye in the Tub
1.4 A Unified Theory
1.5 Hiding Neath My Umbrella
1.6 Funny Little Frog
1.7 If You Could Speak
1.8 Musician, Please Take Heed
1.9 Perfection As a Hipster
1.10 Come Monday Night
1.11 The Music Room Window
1.12 I Want Your Jeans
1.13 I'll Have to Dance with Cassie
1.14 A Down and Dusky Blonde

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