God Module: Seance

God Module: Seance
Title: Seance
Label: Metropolis Records

Webster's Dictionary defines the term "séance" as a spiritualist sitting to receive spirit communications. With this new album, we find God Module presenting a brutal, uncompromising set of otherworldly songs. Hypnotizing rhythms, ritualistic hooks, and lyrical content exploring the darkest corners of the human psyche all blend seamlessly into the singular, demonic vision that is Séance. God Module mastermind Jasyn Bangert is once again joined by Courtney Bangert as well as new member Clint Carney (System Syn, Imperative Reaction). Séance has opened a doorway to something dark, something evil. "So, let's dance, as if we're dead

1.1 Ouija
1.2 Devil's Night
1.3 Plastic
1.4 Doppelganger
1.5 M.D.K
1.6 Extinct
1.7 Rituals
1.8 Into the Outside
1.9 Video
1.10 Remember
1.11 Fake Fame
1.12 Afraid of the Light

God Module: Seance

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