Gombert / Beauty Farm

Gombert / Beauty Farm: Gombert Masses

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Product Type: CD

Title: Gombert Masses
Label: Fra Bernardo

Masses by the mysterious Nicolas Gombert are among the rarities in the record catalog. This is very astonishing, since his polyphonic voice fabrics are among the best that the 16th century has to offer. Legendary in his lifetime, Nicolas' music is often undiscovered today. Thus, beauty farm is able to present two first recordings (motet "Beati omnes" and Missa Philomena praevia) on this album in addition to the well-known Missa Media Vita. Beauty Farm interprets the music, which has been reedited especially for fra bernardo, with the usual fresh sound, which melts together from the free, individual design of the individual voices to an impressive whole.

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