Good Friends

Good Friends: God's Been Good

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Artist: Good Friends

Artist: Good Friends
Title: God's Been Good

30 years ago we were carefree fraternity boys, Auburn University Singers preparing for but not knowing what the future would hold for any of us. We called ourselves 'the five man quartet' - and there were six of us, obviously none of us math majors. We made an album as we were graduating and we named it 'Good Friends' (the title track and an apt descriptor). We went our separate ways but stayed in touch over the years - three doctors and three businessmen (one via the Navy) scattered across Floriday, Alabama and Ohio. Our friendship stayed intact as we added beautiful wives and lots of kids to our extended family. 30 years later we've come back together over one weekend in Cincinnati to make a 30th anniversary CD, but this time reflecting what we've learned over the years. To a man we've become lovers and followers of Jesus Christ, above all else. He's changed us. We've come to know him as our great Savior, the son of awe-inspiring Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty and tenderhearted Abba Father God. We lament the fact that we have often settled for less than the best he's offered, but he's loved us graciously anyway. He's been good to all of us. We've had our share of hard times, but we've been blessed as promised in the beatitudes, blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Thirty years later we want to sing for the praise of his glory, above all else. We've also learned that we're not meant to live life alone - we need each other for support, encouragement, accountability and just plain fun! God wants us to love him yes, but to love each other, too. Faith and hope, yes, but the greatest gift is love. We appreciate all God's gracious gifts, including the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world, America the Beautiful, so we praise him in song for that, too. We're not professional musicians and probably wouldn't make it past the first night of American Idol auditions. But we hope you will find some joy and encouragement from this CD and will draw closer to God as a result of it. May we all draw closer to God and to each other, and walk together with him in the days to come...Mitch, Ken, George, Hal, Mike and Kerry.

1.1 He Made a Change
1.2 We Need Each Other
1.3 Holy, Holy, Holy/Holy Is the Lord
1.4 Hey Old Mountain
1.5 The Beatitudes
1.6 For the Praise of Your Glory
1.7 Our Great Savior
1.8 God Almighty/Abba Father
1.9 1 Corinthians 13
1.10 God's Been Good
1.11 America the Beautiful

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