Good Medicine Band

Good Medicine Band: Trick of the Light

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Artist: Good Medicine Band
Title: Trick of the Light

This album was a compilation of songs accumulated over the bands 10 year absence from playing together. All 3 songwriters continued their musical journeys, writing music, playing and performing with their other bands. Then in 2009, they all met up again in Sante Fe to record the Good Medicine Band's second album. This CD represents the essence of their experiences played out over the 10 years they were apart. Recorded at Frogville, the album captures the magic and spontaneity of their reunion. If you own the first album, Spirit of the Sharecroppers, you will really like this one as well. You will pick up on each songwriters unique style and voice. You will be swept away as they were when they recorded it.......enjoy!

1.1 Rival
1.2 Broken Bottle Days
1.3 Low
1.4 Smoke in the Valley
1.5 Jewel
1.6 Headlights
1.7 Old Leather
1.8 End of the Line
1.9 River
1.10 Seeking Shelter
1.11 Transient
1.12 Trick of the Light

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