Goodbye Picasso

Goodbye Picasso: Book of Aylene

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Goodbye Picasso

Title: Book of Aylene
Label: CD Baby

The Book of Aylene tells the story about a musician who gets the girl, gets a great gig, and begins a downward spiral of drugs, relationships, until finally losing the gig altogether. The hand of a storyteller is hard at work throughout this album, with a simplicity and honesty in words and melody that provide a deep landscape upon which to layer some sweet instrumentals.

1.1 Voices, Villains, Shadows and Ghosts
1.2 Silhouettes
1.3 Her Name Is Aylene
1.4 Lick the Thumb, Turn the Page
1.5 Notes and Measures
1.6 Better Me
1.7 Don't Want Nothin'
1.8 The Sound
1.9 Planned Attack
1.10 We Make Great Enemies (Reprise)
1.11 The Song That Says Goodbye
1.12 Woman
1.13 The Devil, the Bottle and Me

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