Goons of Doom

Goons of Doom: I Hate My Hair & I Want to Die

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Goons of Doom

Title: I Hate My Hair & I Want to Die
Label: Metropolitan Groove Merchants

After a two-year wait since the release of the first album the Story of Dead Barbie & Ghost, the Goons of Doom present their anticipated second LP, I Hate My Hair & I Want to Die. Songs and sounds of pirates and adventures and romance on the clipper, immortalized for the hip set, the lonely loser, the sentimental soul and gutter trash f*cks alike and of course for future generations to dissect and examine and analyze in hope of finding the meaning of life - which the band assures is in there.

1.1 Billie Lee
1.2 F.A.G
1.3 City Cow
1.4 Beer Money
1.5 Clean for Jesus
1.6 The Curse of the Yellowy Moon
1.7 The Tale of the Great Shark of Jurien Bay
1.8 Mannequin
1.9 Mister Tambourine Man
1.10 Bullets
1.11 The Slapper
1.12 Earth Go Back
1.13 Ghost Upon the Sea

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