Gor Mkhitarian: Yeraz

Gor Mkhitarian: Yeraz
Title: Yeraz
Label: CD Baby

*** 2002 Just Plain Folks Nomination- Best Ethnic/World Music Album ('Yeraz') *** 2002 Just Plain Folks Nomination- Best Ethnic/World Music Song ('Yeraz') *** 2002 Armenian Music Awards WINNER- Best Album Cover *** 2002 Armenian Music Awards Nomination- Best Alternative Armenian Folk Album ('Yeraz') *** 2002 Armenian Music Awards Nomination- Best Newcomer (Gor Mkhitarian) WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING ABOUT 'YERAZ'! 'A deep soulful approach to Armenian folk music. Both mournful and inspiring, Gor Mkhitarian delivers with an abundance of enjoyable listening.' - Martin Curti, New World Buzz ABOUT GOR MKHITARIAN- YERAZ Gor Mkhitarian's long-awaited debut solo album is finally here. Released on the upstart world/classical music label Pomegranate Music, Mkhitarian's album entitled, 'Yeraz', has been hailed as one of the most anticipated independent world music releases of the year by several industry insiders. Produced by Raffi Meneshian and recorded in Armenia by Mika Margarian, 'Yeraz' is a contemporary Armenian folk masterpiece consisting of 11 songs featuring two acoustic guitars, percussion, and a banjo. Mkhitarian penned 9 songs on the album while arranging 2 traditional Armenian folks songs including, 'Gakavik', by Komitas. With 'Yeraz', Mkhitarian makes a case of writing the next chapter in Armenia's rich musical history by updating the sound and feel of the classic Armenian folk song. Gor gets down to basics by giving the listener meaningful lyrics, simple arrangements, and melodic hooks creating warm and full-bodied acoustic songs. It's Armenian music as never been heard before. Fresh, accessible, and ground-breaking are the only words to describe 'Yeraz'. Guest musicians include Aharon Stayman and Jason Demerjian. ABOUT GOR MKHITARIAN The emergence of singer-songwriter Gor Mkhitarian reflects the best of the underground music scene now evolving in Armenia. A native of Vanazor, Armenia, Mkhitarian was born in 1973 and now resides in both Vanazor and Yerevan. Known as the lead guitarist for one of Armenia's best-known rock bands, Lav Elie, Mkhitarian is currently a member of Force Major in addition to his new solo career. Mixing a blend of rock, folk, and Armenian traditional music, Mkhitarian has created a distinct sound that is both compelling and fresh. Some of Mkhitarians musical influences include Simon & Garfunkel, Elliot Smith, and The Dave Matthews Band to name a few. Traces of Rouben Haghverdian, Bob Dylan and Harout Bezjian can also be heard in his solo material. What has made Mkhitarian a favorite in Armenia is the combination of his unique songwriting abilities in addition to his stunning modern arrangements of Armenian folk music. THE GOR INTERVIEW: AH: What's next? Gor: As for the future, God knows.

1.1 Sarer
1.2 Yeraz
1.3 Ch-Handibum
1.4 Gladiator
1.5 Gadaryal Yereko
1.6 Gakavig
1.7 Mer Dan Mech
1.8 Geghtot Btzer
1.9 Voch Me Ban
1.10 Kar Demker
1.11 Shad Em Uzum?

Gor Mkhitarian: Yeraz

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