Gordy: Gordy (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gordy

Title: Gordy (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Curb Records

Gordy is a very smart pig. In fact, he's figured out how to talk to humans. And his best friend is a young boy named Hanky Royce, heir to the Royce Industries fortune. When Gordy saves Hanky from drowning, he wins the love of the child's family -- they even make him temporary CEO of the company after Hanky's grandfather dies. But corporate climber Gilbert Sipes doesn't find the concept of a pig running Royce Industries particularly appealing -- especially since he'd very much like the position himself. So he cooks up a plot to get rid of Gordy. Now Hanky and Gordy had better stop Sipes... before he makes bacon out of the personable pig.

1.1 I Made a Promise
1.2 More Love
1.3 I Could Always Count on You
1.4 Your Heart's on the Line
1.5 Dream High
1.6 Y'all Come
1.7 Guardian Angel
1.8 Pig Power
1.9 Gordy Main Title Theme [Melody]
1.10 Remember That You Promised
1.11 Gordy Is News
1.12 On the Road
1.13 Hanky and Gordy on the Run
1.14 Gordy Saves Hanky
1.15 Dreaming of Home
1.16 Pigs on Auction Block
1.17 Hanky and Gordy Make Their Plans
1.18 Sausage Factory
1.19 That Was a Sweet Kiss (Home Again)
1.20 I Made a Promise [Instrumental]

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