Gorecki / Przedbora / Tworek

Gorecki / Przedbora / Tworek: Guitar Evolution & Orchest 3

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Product Type: CD

Title: Guitar Evolution & Orchest 3
Label: Dux Recording Prod.

Guitar Evol.3ution + Orchestra is already our third album meeting with great guitarist Piotr Przedbora, at the same time the first with orchestra, conducted by Krzysztof Penderecki, Maciej Tworek, and Dawid Runtz. The lovers of Krzysztof Penderecki's work already know the versions of the Concerto per Viola ed Orchestra in arrangements for cello, clarinet, or saxophone. The extraordinary guitar transcription by Piotr Przedbora joins this group, extending the instrumental amplitude and offering a completely new sound quality. In Arioso e furioso by Mikolaj Górecki we are going to hear a completely different aesthetics, based on an unhurriedly developing narrative plenty of dissonances, episodically disturbing the harmony. The Concerto for Guitar, Timpani, and Strings, Op. 115 by Krzysztof Meyer is an example of a neoclassical view on the form of instrumental concerto, brimming with rhythmic expression and numerous virtuoso elements. One of the most interesting and charismatic guitarists in Poland. Three outstanding concertos and composers who do not need to be introduced: K. Penderecki, K. Meyer, M. Górecki. The excellent Jerzy Semkow Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus, led by superb conductors. Last but not least, a groundbreaking album for the entire community of classical guitar.

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