Gotye: Like Drawing Blood

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Artist: Gotye

Artist: Gotye
Title: Like Drawing Blood
Product Type: VINYL LP

2013 release.

1.1 Like Drawing Blood [New Version] [Version]
1.2 The Only Way [New Version] [Version]
1.3 Hearts a Mess [New Version] [Version]
1.4 Coming Back
1.5 Thanks for Your Time [New Version] [Version]
1.6 Learnalilgivinanlovin
2.1 Puzzle with a Piece Missing [New Version] [Version]
2.2 Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver [New Version] [Version]
2.3 The Only Thing I Know
2.4 Night Drive [New Version] [Version]
2.5 Worn Out Blues [New Version] [Version]

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