Gp Hall

Gp Hall: Pyroclastic Flow

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Artist: Gp Hall

Artist: Gp Hall
Title: Pyroclastic Flow

Melodic guitar album. Recorded to a high quality at several UK studios. Most recorded tracks were completed with little editing and often in the first take to obtain a performance feel. Several different types of guitar were used in the recordings. The London Times critic Chris Parker has called G P Hall '...a true original...'. The beautiful art work was commisioned from contemporary modern artist Alastair Michie - a unique and inspirational painter and sculptor who became G PHall's friend late in life and who sadly passed away shortly before this CD realease.

1.1 Guitar of Diamonds
1.2 Heartstrings
1.3 Tumbleweeds
1.4 Cosa Blanca
1.5 Ebb ; Flow
1.6 Moroccan Flame
1.7 Crescent Moon
1.8 Tightrope Walker
1.9 Love Lies Bleeding
1.10 Striding Edge
1.11 Homage to Manitas
1.12 Shining Path
1.13 Pyroclastic Flow
1.14 Ricochet
1.15 Touchpaper

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