Nelson Graham

Nelson Graham: Sweet Memories

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Artist: Nelson Graham

Artist: Nelson Graham
Title: Sweet Memories

I love to compose songs about my country and city life. I am thrilled to be joined by several talented local musicians for this show. Some of these musicians play with great frequency around Madison, Wisconsin in clubs and taverns. We get together now and then to perform for local audiences. Additional musicians include; Linda Christensen sings and plays accordion, Tom Dehlinger on dobro guitar, Johnny Widdicombe with upright string bass, Tracy Jane Comer sings and plays cello and hammer dulcimer, John Doing on percussion, Jaime Zimmer sings and Michael Bryant sings as well. In putting the show together, i had in mind some people who might attend, like my parents who would appreciate some of the traditional and original songs. As you can hear, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening of music in the barn. The album dedication is to my mother who died from kidney cancer before it was finished. Though she was my mother, she was my friend, ally and inspiration for music and living throughout my life. Enjoy the evening with us! Bring your friends. See you around the campfire afterward.

1.1 Welcome (Feat. Anne Conzemius)
1.2 Santa Lucia (Feat. Tom Dehlinger, Johnny Widdicombe ; Jaime Zimmerman)
1.3 Ropin' a Dream (Feat. Tom Dehlinger ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.4 You Look Like Your Dog (Feat. Tom Dehlinger ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.5 Sleepy Eyed John (Feat. Tracy Comer ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.6 Children Put Down Your Guns (Feat. Tom Dehlinger, Johnny Widdicombe ;, John Doing)
1.7 Pagina 88/ Page 88 (Feat. Tom Dehlinger, Johnny Widdicombe ; John Doing)
1.8 Wild Mountain Thyme (Feat. Tracy Comer ; Linda Christensen)
1.9 No One to Call (Feat. Jaime Zimmerman ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.10 Happy Lady in Pink
1.11 The Shoe
1.12 Erie Canal (Feat. Tom Dehlinger, Johnny Widdicombe, John Doing, Tracy Comer, Michael Bryant ; Jaime Zimmerman)
1.13 Angry Black Bird (Feat. John Doing)
1.14 Robin Fly (Feat. John Doing ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.15 Sweet Memories (Feat. Johnny Widdicombe)
1.16 Wild Hog in the Woods (Feat. Tracy Comer ; John Doing)
1.17 Too Many T-Shirts
1.18 He'll Have to Go (Feat. Tom Dehlinger ; Johnny Widdicombe)
1.19 For the Boys (Feat. Linda Christensen)
1.20 Someday (Feat. Tom Dehlinger, Johnny Widdicombe, John Doing, Tracy Comer, Jaime Zimmerman ; Michael Bryant)

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