Graham Parker

Graham Parker: Don't Tell Columbus

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Artist: Graham Parker

Artist: Graham Parker
Title: Don't Tell Columbus

Hot on the heels of YOUR COUNTRY, SONGS OF NO CONSEQUENCE and the blistering live album, 103 DEGREES IN JUNE, DON'T TELL COLUMBUS crackles with desperation and redemption sung with rich, complicated emotional power. And hooks, lots and lots of hook. It is unhealthy, perhapes even obscene, that someone should be able to come up with an album this good this far into their career.

1.1 I Discovered America
1.2 England's Latest Clown
1.3 Ambiguous
1.4 The Other Side of the Reservoir
1.5 Suspension Bridge
1.6 Love or Delusion
1.7 Total Eclipse of the Moon
1.8 Stick to the Plan
1.9 Somebody Saved Me
1.10 Hard Side of the Rain
1.11 Bullet of Redemption
1.12 All Being Well

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