Graham Walker

Graham Walker: Cat's Night Out

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Artist: Graham Walker

Artist: Graham Walker
Title: Cat's Night Out

(Note: Cat's Night Out recently won an ' Media Award'. Visit their website for info.) ___ Hi! I'm Graham walker, and I LOVE making music for children. I've written lots of funny songs, played lots of concerts, and made CD's, books and videos for children. I start by writing poems which then turn into songs. There are songs about cats in pajamas, rocket ship trips, leprechauns, moon baboons, frogs, kangaroos, and other amazing things. Then I add drums, guitars, saxophones, bass fiddles and kazoos to make them into great hop-along, sing-along tunes for the whole family to enjoy. I like singing because it's a great way to make friends, and as one of my songs says, 'Friends are Better than Crocodiles!' Where I grew up, beside the sea near Vancouver B.C, had a lot of influence on my songwriting. The mountains and beaches and forest gave me lots of time to build forts, row boats, and play make believe pirates and explorer. In school I was good at writing, and later studied Literature and Education at University. After that I worked in Parks and Recreation and teaching school. I've done lots of other jobs too, but through everything keep working at my music. I've been bitten by the song bug and now I HAVE to keep on making music! My first album CAT'S NIGHT OUT was released way back in 1986, and quickly became a big hit: Discovery Toys sold thousands of copies, and I've sold tousands more while on tour. This has made me lots of friends, and I've had such fun that I've recorded more CD's: JUMPETY JUMP and KNOBBLEDEE KNEES, with a new album. THE MONKEY FAMILY now in the works. One thing that's surprised me is that my songs seem to work for all ages. From teeny babies in jolly jumpers through primary school, kids from 1 to 8 love the songs. Adults tell me they love them too, and don't mind singing along for the thousandth time. I create storybook worlds that use music and funny lyrics to tickle the ear and the funnybone. I also play in a jazz band, so I make sure the quality of musical production is excellent. I like to make sure that every song on an album is a good one, and that kids will be excited to hear the next song, and the next one, time after time. Because I have sold many albums directly to customers, with enthusiastic response, I KNOW that you will enjoy them too. I hope to become your musical friend, and would be happy to have you and the kids enjoy the songs together! Please see my website for more about my music, sample lyrics, reviews, and other stuff. THANKS! Hope to meet you one day at a concert !Graham Walker.

1.1 Cat's Night Out
1.2 Friends Are Better Than Crocodiles
1.3 Priscilla Pig
1.4 Pineapple Pickles
1.5 Matt the Pack Rat
1.6 Hop Along Song
1.7 Midnight Snack
1.8 The Leprechaun Song
1.9 Chester the Donkey
1.10 Face in the Mirror
1.11 Sandman Song
1.12 Dog Dreams

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