Grand Salvo: Death

Grand Salvo: Death
Title: Death
Label: Spunk Records

In many ways, Death is the most fully realized fruit from the much lauded imagination of the man behind Grand Salvo, Paddy Mann. While previous works revealed the storyteller in Mann, Death is a complete fable of rich proportions. The album was conceived before the release of 2005's the Temporal Wheel on Preservation and slowly borne out over several years. As a result the songs are first class and the instrumentation is stunning.

1.1 Opening
1.2 Tree Falls in the Wind
1.3 Shaelem Relagh
1.4 Winter Approaches
1.5 Bird
1.6 A Hunter from Town
1.7 Bird Loves the Bear
1.8 Snow Falls
1.9 Shaelem the Hunter
1.10 Without His Friends
1.11 Bear
1.12 Journey Across the Ice
1.13 I Am Dead
1.14 Hunters Remorse
1.15 Shaelem Loved the Bird
1.16 Spring River!
1.17 Rabbit and Rat
1.18 Closing

Grand Salvo: Death

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