Grandon Gray

Grandon Gray: Take a Step

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Grandon Gray

Title: Take a Step
Label: CD Baby

My wife, Margaret, was participating in the MS Challenge Walk from White Oak, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina, where fundraisers walk 50 miles in 3 days. I thought I could help show my support to her and the rest of the walkers by going to the candlelight vigil and performing an inspirational song. I emailed the local chapter president, Anne Marie McDermott, and asked if I could participate, suggesting that I play 'Superman' by Five for Fighting, which became an anthem for the rescue workers after the tragedies of 9/11. She welcomed me, though she'd never met me, and had never heard me sing. The night before the vigil, I was practicing the Superman song, and thinking about Margaret walking 20 miles earlier that day, and the 16 miles she'd walk the next day. I thought about why she was doing it, and about the people she was selflessly sacrificing to help. And I thought about those folks fighting MS that were walking by her side...about how difficult the Challenge Walk must be for them, and about the enduring challenges they face every day. I hope this song helps you on your journey.

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