Gravy Boys: Crackerjack Whistle

Gravy Boys: Crackerjack Whistle
Title: Crackerjack Whistle
Label: CD Baby

The Gravy Boys hail from Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and perform Acoustic Americana music that draws deep from the well of our country's diverse musical heritage. Their high energy shows feature heartfelt vocal harmonies, boot-stomping rhythms, lively stage banter, and honest musicianship. The Gravy Boys are story tellers who spin their tales through tight, brother-duet vocals over a vintage acoustic backdrop. They take classic American themes and bring them into the present day, with an authentic passion that resonates with all who listen. They have released 3 CDs of original music: Crackerjack Whistle (2012), Dust Bowl Lover (2009), and Workin' the Angels for Handouts (2007).

1.1 Marionette
1.2 Please Don't Take Me Back
1.3 Time of the Season
1.4 Darlene
1.5 Glory Road
1.6 Love of My Life
1.7 Too Many, Too Early, Tonight
1.8 Sunnyside
1.9 Trouble
1.10 I Can't Quit You
1.11 Firefly
1.12 Wagon Wheel
1.13 40 Extra Hours
1.14 Rest of Forever
1.15 Switching Yard

Gravy Boys: Crackerjack Whistle

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